This is WAR!

Yesterday the president of South Africa declared #covid-19 / #coronavirus a national disaster. We are at a state of emergency, which is nothing but logical after the terrible things that have been happening in other areas of the world.

So it's time to go to war. This morning the seriousness of the battle will begin. While not sleeping last night, I thought of a few things.


In times of these, true leaders arise in the face of adversity. It's time once again for the heroes to unite and pull us through. Its Monday, the day after the presidents address. He asked us last night to go to battle, so let's get ready.

A) Strap in. You are about to jump out the plane, into the warzone. Have your gear ready, lace up your boots and get your head around it. It's reality!

B) Time for game plan! Make sure you have an entry strategy, a game plan and an exit strategy. Make sure you have short terms goals and long term goals for yourself and your squad. This might be 3 weeks, might be months, but consider every scenario and out think your enemy.

C) Make allies. As you are running towards the field, you will find your allies already in front of you, beside you and right behind. Align to the common interest and align with your friends in terms of strategy. We all have a common enemy, so rally the troops.

D) Show courage. No one like that person hiding behind a rock, eyes closed with his hands over their ears. Don't focus on the negative, but focus on the now. What needs to happen now to survive and keep moving forward?

E) Be smart. Out think your enemy. Take the right precautions. Learn it's strengths, weaknesses and be creative. This is an enemy we've never faced before, so doing the same thing we've always done isn't going to work. Use your resources to your advantage.

F) Protect the vulnerable. Children and vulnerable people first. Our next generation needs to know how to deal with a crisis like this and we need to role model that behaviour.

G) Communicate progress. Running into the battle field and capturing ground without people to support you, give you cover and back you up is foolish. Communicate wins, losses and progress continuesly.

H) Sacrifice. Every battle comes at a cost. It's time for you to be prepared to share with your fellow squad members around you. Time, money, wealth, profit, blankets, food, hand sanitizer. Ration perpotionally, but greed will only make more enemies among your much needed companions.

I) Strike fear in the heart of the enemy. Nothing creates more hope than pushing the enemy lines back, flattening their curve and seeing first initial positive results.

J) Be hopeful. Your squad members are following your lead. This isn't time to panic, but it's time to remain calm and lead by example. They are watching you.

K) See the big picture. Some fights you mind end up losing and you might see squad members needing to stay behind to take care of themselves or loved ones. Keep going. There is light at the end of the tunnel, despite it seeming dim. Create a culture that can deal with adversity, no matter the challenge, obstacles, your people will gather together and face another day head on!

Bring back the Avengers theme song.

Are you ready? Are you standing along side the People of Middle Earth, your fellow Elfs, Jedis, Avengers, Asgardians, Avatars, People of the North, Mighty Ducks or are you going to hide behind the rock, hoping for this to magically to go away?

#letsgo #excitingtimes #makethemostofit #businessstrategy #thebestisyettocome

Organisational effectiveness consultant at Groundfloor Labs

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Michael Ouwerkerk

Michael Ouwerkerk

Organisational effectiveness consultant at Groundfloor Labs

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